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It made no difference that I had not heard of the Bozeman Trail or Fetterman Massacre before. The two main characters, modern day Jack and 19th century Red Cloud, have an interesting enough relationship to write a book about. The historical background just adds an extra dimension.    By Simon Morris (Gold Coast, Australia
Red Shadow on the Moon, a well-researched 19th Century western historical novel based on actual events surrounding the famed Bozeman Trail and the Fetterman Massacre, is made far more interesting by the author's imaginative use of time-travel. Her two main characters are the wise and legendary Sioux Chief Red Cloud and a 21st Century youth named Jack. By traveling Jack back in time and contrasting his modern beliefs, open curiosity, and sometimes misinformed opinions with that of Red Cloud's beliefs, way of life and crucial dealings with the white man, Prue Westbrook informs the reader of Native American history in a unique, entertaining and often times, philosophical way. She has a wonderful talent for transporting readers into a beautifully described landscape or thrusting them headlong into the heat of the battle   ~ Cheri Kay Clifton, author of Trail To Destiny ~
 PAT STEELE's review:  A well constructed novel takes the reader on a journey in time and keeps you interested. The characters are well thought out and Prue Westbrook knows how to draw you in.  She draws the reader into a world long passed and keeps the reader interested by her careful observations of a modern-day boy caught up in two worlds. This book would not only be a good read for fans of everything to do with native Americans but also those of us who are intrigued by the mysteries of time traveling
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