Prue Westbrook - About the Book
Prue Westbrook - author
Established in 1864, the Bozeman Trail was an overland route that went through some of the best hunting grounds of the Lakota Sioux and their allies the Cheyenne.
In May 1866, a council was called at Fort Laramie between the tribes and representatives of the US Government  who wanted to obtain right of way through the Powder River Country. 
During the conference, Col Henry B Carrington arrived at the fort with the Second Battalion of the 18th US Infantry with orders to establish forts along the Trail.  Red Cloud war chief of the Oglala Sioux was furious  and stormed out of the Treaty talks, promising to resist any attempts to use the trail.
In the run-up to what became known as the Fetterman Massacre, Red Cloud comes across an injured white boy on the outskirts of his village.  But who is he and what can his arrival in Red Cloud's village mean?
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